Ready for School

Derbyshire parents, carers and professionals have identified the 10 keys to unlocking school readiness. These will help parents and families understand what their children should be able to do by the time they start in a reception class, if they are developing typically for their age.

The 10 keys to unlocking school readiness*

  • I can settle happily without my parent/carer
  • I can tell friends and grown-ups what I need
  • I can take turns and share when I am playing
  • I can go to the toilet on my own and wash my hands
  • I can put on my own coat and shoes and feed myself
  • I can tell a grown up if I am happy, sad or cross
  • I know that what I do and say can make others happy or unhappy
  • I am curious and want to learn and play
  • I can stop what I am doing, listen and follow simple instructions
  • I enjoy sharing books with grown ups
*If a child is developing typically for their age

Please take a look at the following discussion sheets.

These discussion sheets are to support a conversation between Early Years staff (teachers, practitioners, children’s centre staff), parents and carers in helping children to achieve the Derbyshire keys to school readiness. The bite sized steps are suitable for use when working with nursery age children or those children in reception class who do not yet have the key skills.

Ready for School – Listening Skills

Ready for School – Sharing Books

Ready for School – Stage 1 Toilet Training

Ready for School – Stage 2 Toilet Training

Ready for School – Stage 3 Toilet Training

Ready for School – Talking Skills

Ready for School – Telling Grown Ups How I Feel

Ready For School – Learning to Dress, Feed and Take Care of Myself

Ready for School – Sharing and Turn Taking in Play

For more information please see Derbyshire County Council website HERE

Applying for your child’s infant/primary school place 2022-23
The following poster and leaflet are available to assist you in applying for your child’s school place.
Apply online at or call 01629 533190.

Applying for your child’s infant/primary school place 2022-23 – a summary PDF
Apply Now! 2022-23 – Poster PDF