“What can I say about this wonderful family that is Breaston Preschool? I have had both my children here and it’s been emotional at times with the children going through different stages of their early learning lives and the lovely ladies who work here have shown nothing but incredible support and understanding. Both my children loved going here and would often ask “why are we not going to preschool today?” at the weekends. Communication has been fantastic between myself [the Preschool Manager] and [Child’s Key Person]. I’ve always felt safe as a parent trusting my children with these ladies, they have the best fun, have made lots of friends and lastly have learnt so much along the way.
Thank you to all the ladies at Breaston Preschool for making these steps running up to school such a magical experience for both my two. I’ll be forever grateful for all you’ve done and would recommend your services to anyone looking for a local preschool.”

“When looking for a nursery setting, pre-diagnosis of non-verbal Autism, we found Breaston Preschool to be the best place for our son within the area. He was instantly calm and happy within the setting and is always excited to go in! [The SENCO] has made the daunting process of EHCP a smooth process going beyond anything we would have expected and has offered help and support when needed. [Child’s Key Person] has supported our son throughout his time at Preschool; with help from her and the other staff he has developed terrifically! We are so pleased and grateful for all the hard work the team has put in to make our time at Preschool the best it can be! Thank you!”