Useful Information

Click on the links below for helpful information for parents and carers:

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Joining in
Our setting has a rota which parents can join if they would like to help at a particular session or sessions of the setting. Helping at the session enables parents to see what the day-to-day life of our setting is like and to join in helping the children to get the best out of their activities. Parents can also offer to take part in a session by sharing their own interests and skills with the children. We welcome parents to drop into the setting to see it at work or to speak with the staff or manager.

Key person and your child
Our setting uses a key person approach. This means that each member of staff has a group of children for whom she/he is particularly responsible. Your child’s key person will be the person who works with you to make sure that the childcare that we provide is right for your child’s particular needs and interests. When your child first starts at the setting, she/he will help your child to settle and throughout your child’s time at the setting, she/he will help your child to benefit from our activities.

Learning opportunities for adults
As well as gaining childcare qualifications, our staff take part in further training to help them to keep up-to-date with thinking about early years care and education. We also keep up-to-date with best practice, as a member of the Early Years Alliance, through Under 5 magazine and other publications produced by the Alliance. The current copy of Under 5 is available for you to read. Occasionally, we hold learning events for parents. These usually look at how adults can help children to learn and develop in their early years.

The session
We organise our sessions so that the children can choose from, and work on, a range of activities and, in doing so, build up their ability to select and work through a task to its completion. The children are also helped and encouraged to take part in adult-led small and large group activities, which introduce them to new experiences and help them to gain new skills, as well as helping them to learn to work with others. Outdoor activities contribute to all areas of learning and development, including their health and their knowledge of the world around them. The children have the opportunity and are encouraged, to take part in outdoor child-chosen and adult-led activities, as well as those provided in the indoor playroom(s).

Snacks and meals
We make snacks and meals a social time in which children and adults eat together. We plan the menus for snacks and meals so that they provide the children with healthy and nutritious food. Please tell us about your child’s dietary needs, particularly any known allergies or food intolerance and we will plan accordingly.

We provide protective clothing for the children when they play with messy activities. We encourage children to gain the skills that help them to be independent and look after themselves. These include taking themselves to the toilet and taking off and putting on outdoor clothes. Clothing that is easy for them to manage will help them to do this.

Information we hold about you and your child
We have procedures in place for the recording and sharing of information [data] about you and your child that is compliant with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulations (2018).